Jennifer Nettles Goes Solo: 'Nobody Panic,' Sugarland Isn't Done

Days after announcing she's working with Rick Rubin on her debut solo album, Jennifer Nettles made it clear on Sunday that no, this doesn't signal the end of her partnership with Kristian Bush in Sugarland.




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"Not at all -- Nobody panic!" she told us at the Billboard Music Awards. "We're just taking time to do things individually, personally and professionally. And we're super supportive of each other in what we do on both those fronts, personally and professionally.

Nettles, making her first awards appearance since having a son in December, said she's experiencing the best of both worlds by having a solo career to compliment her time with Sugarland.

"With Sugarland it's been fun to write with Kristian, we go out and play the big shows, play the arenas," she said. "I wanted to do something that was just different, you know? That was more intimate and more personal, more organic to me. And definitely speaks to my roots and to where I'm at right now in my life."

Where she's at right now is experiencing new motherhood, fresh off the arrival of son Magnus late last year.

Meanwhile she insists the Rubin album is still country, "but it's going to show a different side that I don't always get to show" with Sugarland. The duo's last album, 2010's "The Incredible Machine," debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 -- their third chart-topper -- and has sold 1.2 million according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Also of note: Nettles already has a chart-topping country song of her own, as she was the featured guest on Bon Jovi's 2006 No. 1 "Who Says You Can't Go Home."

Reporting by Keith Caulfield in Las Vegas.

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