Jennifer Lopez Performs 'Limitless' at the 2018 American Music Awards: Watch

At the American Music Awards on Monday night (Oct. 9), Jennifer Lopez gave a soaring and impactful live debut of her new song "Limitless," from her upcoming film Second Act — she was introduced by co-star Vanessa Hudgens. 

It opened with a voiceover that said "The only thing stopping you is you," and a poem from writer Jasmin Kaur on the screen that read: 

so that one day
a hundred years from now
another sister will not have to
dry her tears wondering where
in history she lost her voice.

Lopez, decked out in diamond covered heels, a matching jumpsuit and menswear-inspired blazer (and performing with a diamond encrusted mic and stand) proceeded to deliver the empowering track with lyrics like, "Nobody opened my doors/I am a woman, so give me what I'm asking for."

But nothing rang more true than when she repeatedly sang the line "I am here to stay" -- she sure is.

Watch the performance above.

American Music Awards 2018