Puff Daddy on Adele's '25' Success: 'Emotion Sells a Whole Lot of Motherf--kin' Records'

Puff Daddy doesn’t need sleep to get work done. After hosting a belated birthday bash in Los Angeles and catching no zzzs for 72 hours, the hip-hop mogul still suited up and presented at the American Music Awards with no signs of fatigue on Sunday night (Nov. 22).

In an interview with Billboard backstage at the AMAs, Diddy professed his love for apple pie (“I don’t eat birthday cake. I only like apple pie on my birthday”), reflected on his recent release MMM and outlined his plans for the new year.

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“I had to reintroduce myself before I put out this last body of work,” Puff said. “MMM is returning back to my roots and my style of production -- hip-hop soul with that R&B side and flavor to it -- a real New York hip-hop sound.”

While Diddy looks forward to finishing what he says will be his last album, No Way Out 2, in 2016, he offered his two cents on the monster success of Adele’s 25 album. The British siren is already on track to sell 2.5 million copies in its first week out.

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“I have this one saying: everything we hear about the music industry and about different times and different platforms, there’s only one thing that’ll ever matter in music and that’s the song,” he said. “Only the song survives.”

He continued to shower Adele with praise. “She makes incredible songs so that demand for true songs -- there's not a lot of that out here so you’re seeing a natural public response of somebody that’s connected to understanding the importance of the song.”

Adele's '25' Set to Break One-Week U.S. Album Sales Record

Citing her name alongside esteemed songwriting greats like Marvin Gaye and John Lennon, Puff added, “[Adele] understands the importance of the song, moving somebody emotionally, and emotion sells a whole lot of motherf--kin’ records.”

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