Erykah Badu Goes Psychedlic In 'Jump In The Air' Video

Erykah Badu in her music video for "Jump in the Air."

With the tripped-out music video for her freshly leaked track "Jump in the Air," Erykah Badu confirms what everyone already knew: she's wild and weird, in the best way possible. The recession friendly video features dizzying kaleidoscopic images of Badu -- and rap innovator Lil Wayne, who guests on the song -- shape-shifting and floating in a parallel universe, where everyone is high up in the air (and stays there). In the end, the two reach out and touch one another with their fingers, E.T.-meets Michelangelo-style.

It's all meant to build hype around Badu's new album "New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh," due Mar. 30. The fact that "Jump in the Air" leaked means it won't appear on the album in original form (a remix is in the works, instead), but thankfully for her fans, Badu still graced the song with these appropriately loopy visuals.

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