Bruce Willis Takes Aim At Gorillaz In 'Stylo' Video

Bruce Willis Takes Aim At Gorillaz In 'Stylo' Video

Gorillaz "Stylo" video features Bruce Willis.

The Gorillaz' new music video for "Stylo" pits them against none other than action hero Bruce Willis, who plays a gun-toting assassin in high-speed pursuit of the crew's animated alter-egos.

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In the clip, Murdoc Niccals, Cyborg Noodle and 2D are on a treacherous journey to Plastic Beach (also the name of the band's soon-to-be released album). The gang manages to dodge a donut-hoarding police officer, but soon enough Willis is on their trail, glistening shotgun in hand. Eventually, a cocksure Willis runs the Gorillaz off a cliff and into the watery abyss, where their bullet-ridden vintage car inexplicably morphs into a submarine-like vehicle.

The video is all sorts of confusing, but mesmerizing to watch -- and it just builds even more hype before the "Plastic Beach" album drops next Tuesday (March 8).

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