OK Go's Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine

Ok Go,"This Too Shall Pass" video.

Ok Go is known for filming mesmerizing music videos, but the Chicago rockers may have outshined their infectious tredmill choreography with their latest clip, "This Too Shall Pass."

The single-shot video features an enormous, two-story Rube Goldberg machine -- a complex contraption that (spoiler alert!) blasts the members of the band with paint. On the way to the colorful conclusion, the mechanism triggers a chain of complex reactions -- such as falling dominoes, rolling bowling balls, and swinging sledgehammers -- all in time to the upbeat tune.

The quirky quartet spent four months building the contraption with the help of Syyn Labs, a Los Angeles-based arts and technology collective that has a history of doing entertaining science and tech projects that involve crowds of people. The machine may not have anything to do with the song, but it sure is fun to watch.

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