CMA Awards 2018

'London Pirate Frequencies' Doc Explores Underground Radio Scene

"London Pirate Frequencies," a documentary about the English capital's underground pirate radio scene.

"Pirate Radio" -- the 2009 comedy and U.K. import -- may have had moviegoers laughing, but there's nothing funny about the film's namesake.

For VBS's "London Pirate Frequencies," the latest documentary short in the online television network's Uneven Terrain series, former pirate radio host Matt Mason travels to city rooftops, rundown buildings and nearly three miles offshore, all in the name of exposing the often-dangerous underground world of London's pirate radio scene, where the format is illegal but still thriving. Mason explores abandoned the WW2 gun platforms that first hosted pirate antennae back in the '60's and talks to pirate radio DJs, artists and station managers, all of whom go to extreme lengths to transmit their music to the masses. Watch and learn.

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