Glee's Sue Sylvester Remakes 'Vogue'

Sue Sylvester, "Vogue" (from the upcoming "Glee: Power of Madonna episode)

"Glee" made its hotly anticipated TV comeback last night, but it was the music video that aired right afterwards that really had everyone talking.

Sue Sylvester's "Vogue" premiered as a teaser for the "Glee: Power of Madonna" episode airing next Tuesday (Apr. 20), and the clip is meticulously faithful to the Material Girl's original masterpiece, from its vintage Hollywood glamour and pose-striking dancers to that one infamous cone bra.

Video: Sue Sylvester, "Vogue"

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Sylvester ("Glee's" conniving cheerleading coach, played by the hilarious Jane Lynch) dons an all-black suit and even busts out the running man for a brief moment. Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) also make appearances as Sylvester's back-up singers. There's just one jarring difference between Sylvster's "Vogue" and the original: instead of "Bette Davis, we love you," Sylvester says, "Will Shuester, I hate you." Oh, it's on!

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