MGMT Rocks 'SNL' with 'Flash Delirium,' 'Brian Eno'

MGMT performs on "Saturday Night Live" ("SNL")

Lasers, neon body paint, and otherworldly philosophizing -- it sounds like just about everything one might expect at a MGMT gig, but no, that was Ke$ha's stint on last weekend's "SNL." Instead, MGMT stopped by this weekend's Gabourey Sidibe-hosted episode with a surprisingly simple mission: to play music.

Video: MGMT performs 'Flash Delirium' on 'SNL'

Dressed to impress (singer Andrew VanWyngarden's magenta bowtie had to impress someone, right?), the band performed single "Flash Delirium" and "Brian Eno" off its No. 2-debuting sophomore album, "Congratulations," without fuss...or much fun.

Video: MGMT performs 'Brian Eno' on 'SNL'

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A straight-faced and straight-laced MGMT served up songs about stabbing Facebook and finding Brian Eno locked away in a Transylvanian cathedral, set to a minimalist light show. In other words, MGMT did what any good psychedelic band would do -- it relied on the music, gave fans something shiny to look at, and hoped it was conjuring buzz in more ways than one. Mission accomplished.

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