Young Jeezy Sees Dead People in 'Lose My Mind'


"Can't spell sober, lost my mind." Yes, Young Jeezy is a little out of sorts on "Lose My Mind," the street single from his upcoming album, "Thug Motivation 103." In song's black and white music video, the Atlanta rapper begins with a monologue set on a city street. "Got a lot going on right now," Jeezy says dryly. "Rap stuff, street stuff -- it's all the same."

Video: Young Jeezy Featuring Plies, "Lose My Mind"

Cut to the next sequence, however, and Young Jeezy is suddenly entering a nightspot full of clubgoers, including fellow MC Plies, who delivers a raunchy guest verse while surrounded by scantily clad women. Jeezy doesn't seem up to the all the partying, though. He distractedly wanders into the bathroom and rubs his eyes as a sheet-covered body on a gurney wheels towards him. The image seems to be all in his head, but it's never explained by Jeezy, who at this point is rapping lines like, "You know we drink that Rozay 'til we black out/Wake up, drink some more, pass back out." It's not the healthiest example of how to deal with your inner demons, but no one ever said Jeezy was perfect.

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