Shakira & Rascal Flatts Make Sweet 'Gypsy' Music on 'Idol'

shakira and rascal flatts

Just before Siobhan Magnus' got the boot from "American Idol," Shakira took the stage to perform her latest single, "Gypsy," with a little help from country stars Rascal Flatts. The unconventional pairing wasn't as exciting as, say, Elton John and Lady Gaga's Grammy spectacle, but it still made for some entertaining live TV.

Video: Shakira & Rascal Flatts perform "Gypsy" on "American Idol"

As a backing band, Rascal Flatts' subtle playing fit nicely with the Colombian star's sensual singing and harmonica riffs. Lead singer Gary LeVox chimed in on vocals halfway through the song, and despite sound issues early on, it made for a pleasing duet.

"Gary and Shakira -- I never thought I'd see that!" said Ryan Seacrest after the performance. Shakira shared some advice contestants by citing (spontaneously, we're sure) Theodore Roosevelt: "Keep your eyes on the stars but remember to keep your feet on the ground." Hopefully Magnus was listening.

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