Videos of the Week: Christina Aguilera's 'Not Myself Tonight,' Second-Grader Sings 'Don't Stop Believin'

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In this week's top 10 videos that had everyone buzzing, Christina Aguilera turns up the heat in her new video "Not Myself Tonight"; an eight-year-old nails "Don't Stop Believin'" for Ellen DeGeneres; Sharon Jones gets feisty with Stephen Colbert; Sir-Mix-A-Lot shills for Butterfinger; and Betty White gets a rap tribute in advance of her 'SNL' hosting gig next weekend.

1) Christina Aguilera Channels Xtina in 'Not Myself Tonight'

Think Christina Aguilera is done being "dirrty"? Think Again. "Not Myself Tonight," the first video from her long-awaited new album "Bionic," finds the blonde bombshell prancing around in patent leather (and paying homage to Madonna) in the racy, futuristic Hype Williams-directed clip. Eat your heart out, Gaga!

Bonus Diva Debut: Toni Braxton aims to please a little too much ("I can love you, love you, love you with my hands tied") with the clip for for her comeback single, "Hands Tied." (Watch)

2) Second-Grader John Teas Sings "Don't Stop Believin'"

Watch out, "Glee" -- eight-year-old John Teas belts out Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and gives a performance worthy of an elementary school musical.

Bonus Cover: Julian Casablancas puts a Strokes-y twist on Bruce Springsteen's classic, "Dancing in the Dark" but fails to pluck a soon-to-be star like Courtney Cox from the crowd for some '80s-tastic dancing. Doesn't he know that's the most important part? (Watch)

3) Sharon Jones Gets Feisty with Stephen Colbert

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Soul singer Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings bring their Motown throwback vibe to "The Colbert Report," performing "She Ain't a Child No More" from new album "I Learned the Hard Way."

Bonus Retro Talk Show Gig: Courtney Love and Hole stoke the grunge revival with "Skinny Little Bitch" on the "Late Show with David Letterman." Back home, Billy Corgn seethes at his computer. (Watch)

4) Sir-Mix-A-Lot Shills for Butterfinger

No, "I like big butterfingers, and I cannot lie" doesn't have the same ring to it as "I like big butts, and I cannot lie." But we are in a recession, and something tells us Sir-Mix-A-Lot needs this.

Bonus Sell-Out Spot: Indie cred be damned: Grizzly Bear debuts a new, untitled song in an ad for the Washington State lottery. (Watch)

5) Betty White Meets Gets Rap Tribute in "Betty White Lines"

In case you haven't heard, people are really excited for Betty White to host "SNL" - so much so, they've made a tribute viral video dubbed "Betty White Lines" that uses Grandmaster Flash's old-school ode to cocaine, "White Lines."

Bonus 'SNL' Clip: Danish actors sing Frank Sinatra classics with Danish accents...get it? ( Watch)

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