'The Simpsons' Do Ke$ha, Kanye Raps on 'Cleveland,' Parodied on 'Boondocks'

'The Simpsons' Do Ke$ha, Kanye Raps on 'Cleveland,' Parodied on 'Boondocks'

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"The Simpsons" switched out its regular intro song last night for an animated tribute to Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" that probably confused as many fans as it entertained. The special opener kicked off with Lisa Simpson waking up in the morning "feeling like P. Diddy" and got practically the whole cast in on the action, from bus driver Otto getting tipsy to bully Nelson belting the chorus.

Ke$ha wasn't the only star who got animated on Sunday. Over on "The Cleveland Show," Kanye West faced off with Cleveland Brown, Jr. in a rap/AutoTune battle. "I'm gonna take you down with my lyrics," West challenged, but it was Brown who came out on top by proving he can freestyle in Klingon and sing like a ro--b-oo-o-t.

Meanwhile, was given a not-so-flattering tribute on the season premiere of "The Boondocks." The episode focused on all the celebrity hype surrounding President Barack Obama's election back in 2008, and it featured a music video with a cartoon likeness of Black Eyed Peas frontman. The song took the beat of "It's a New Day," which released after Obama was elected President, and added NSFW -- and surprisingly catchy -- lyrics. After the clip aired, shared his reaction on Twitter: "Boondocks is funny 'Sayin I'm riding' if I didn't stand up 'we would have mc cain' who else stood up?" the star tweeted. Touché...but that doesn't make it any less funny.

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