Clorofila Channels New Order With 'BabyRock Rock' Video

Clorofila, "BabyRock Rock"

Norteño music meets New Order-inspired synth-pop in "BabyRock Rock," a new track by Clorofila of the Mexican electronic quartet Nortec Collective. In the song's accompanying video, a girl picks the track from a bar jukebox and sings its mesmerizing hook ("Something's missing...") onstage while her love interest looks on fondly.

There's a lot left to read between the lines in this nonlinear clip, but among the alluring visuals we see are the two frolicking in a playground, wandering through supermarket aisles and riding a bus through the the city streets, all while Clorofila (Jorge Verdin) shows off his synthesizer skills on the side. "BabyRock Rock is from Clorofila's recently released solo project "Corridos Urbanos," inspired by his memories of an old Tijuana record store and nightclub, and this clip should have viewers feeling pangs of nostalgia for their own favorite dance haunts.

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