Drake Faces Death in 'Find Your Love' Video

Drake Faces Death in 'Find Your Love' Video

Drake, "Find Your Love"

Drake's pursuit of a woman has deadly consequences in the video for his new single, "Find Your Love," which premiered at midnight on his October's Very Own blog and MTV.

Video: Drake, "Find Your Love"

Set in Jamaica, the Anthony Mandler-helmed video starts off with foreboding words across a black screen: "The worst thing about crossing a line is when you don't know, you already have." It appears that Drake has set his sights on a beautiful woman who is claimed by another man, a gang leader played by Jamaican dancehall star Mavado. Trouble brews when the woman starts to entertain Drake's advances, and the rapper/singer is strongly advised to head home before Mavado turns violent.

"I don't understand how you can own somebody," Drake responds. "I just gotta see her one more time."

That last time turns out to be fateful, though, as Drake gets cornered by Mavado and his gang on his way to his love interest's house -- and it appears she lured him there with the intention of getting him caught. In fact, the woman is the one pointing the gun when the clip abruptly cuts to black, and she doesn't appear to have any regrets. Drake learns a hard lesson about love, but not before it's too late.

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