OK Go Dances with Geese in 'End Love'

OK Go Dances with Geese in 'End Love'

Viral video auteurs OK Go have released their latest visual for new single "End Love," and while it doesn't feature any treadmills or Rube Goldberg machines, it does have awesome geese.

Video: OK Go, "End Love

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"End Love" starts out with OK Go's members decked out in multi-colored sweatshirts and performing some impressively intricate choreography (for a rock band, at least) in unison in a park. They take a break from the dancing when night falls and snuggle up in sleeping bags, but when the sun comes up, the routine starts all over again. This time, the park's geese get in on the action, and so do all the people who were sunbathing and picnicking before OK Go came along. Everybody dance now!

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