Justin Bieber's Got Dancing Fever in 'Somebody to Love'

Justin Bieber's Got Dancing Fever in 'Somebody to Love'

So, you think Justin Bieber can dance? You're right. JB shows off his smoothest moves yet in his "Somebody to Love" video, which premiered Thursday night (June 17) on the dance-centric reality competition "So You Think You Can Dance."

Video: Justin Bieber, "Somebody to Love"

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The video is actually for Bieber's "Somebody to Love" remix featuring his mentor Usher, whose star power is clearly rubbing off on the 16-year-old. Bieber tackles his toughest choreography yet (his move at the 2:15 mark is especially appreciated) and lines up with his dancers to do some intricate moves with backpacks, recalling Usher's own chair-ography in his "You Make Me Wanna" clip from 1997.

With videos like this and a massive 'My World' tour about to kick off next week, expect Bieber fever to keep on spreading.

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