Snoop Dogg Seduces 'True Blood' Star with 'Oh Sookie'

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Snoop Dogg likes "True Blood" star Sookie Stackhouse so much, he made a song and video about her. In "Oh Sookie," the West Coast hip-hop vet pays tribute to the HBO vampire drama's main woman (Anna Paquin), seducing her with player talk like, "I'll order you a gin and juice at Merlotte's," and, "Come close baby, I'm the dog that don't bite -- woof, woof."

Video: Snoop Dogg, "Oh Sookie"

Snoop also makes a convincing case for why he'd make a better boyfriend than her immortal suitors, Bill and Eric. He won't make her drink his blood, for one, and he can do it in the daytime. Top that, vampires.

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