Marina and the Diamonds Get Cheeky in 'Oh No!'

Marina and the Diamonds Get Cheeky in 'Oh No!'

Wearing her signature fluorescent pink lipstick, a pair of girly boxing gloves and a dollar-bill dress, Marina and the Diamonds weaves a guilty pleasure-filled persona in the video for her new single, "Oh No!"

Video: Marina and the Diamonds, "Oh No"

The clip finds the Greek-Welsh singer performing girl group choreography with latex-clad backup dancers -- perhaps in a nod to her early career spent auditioning for such gigs -- and lamenting, "I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy." Like leaders of the tongue-in-cheek school Lady Gaga and Katy Perry before her, Marina remains fully aware of her own contradictions, singing lines like, "TV taught me how to feel/Now real life has no appeal" while wearing a pink television set around her head. If ironic pop star posturing means more catchy tracks and fun videos like this, we say bring it.

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