Lady Gaga Plays 'Today' Show, Announces 'Remix' U.S. Release

Lady Gaga Plays 'Today' Show, Announces 'Remix' U.S. Release

Lady Gaga Plays 'Today' Show, Announces 'Remix' U.S. Release

Lady Gaga threw a monster of a ball in New York's Rockefeller Plaza Friday morning (July 9), performing hits, new songs, and even a throwback cover for an estimated 20,000 fans as part of NBC's "Today" show summer concert series.

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As summer rain drizzled down on her and her little monsters, Gaga crooned a jazzy rendition of the classic George Gershwin song "Someone to Watch Over Me" and segued into "Bad Romance." Later, Gaga performed her new song, a piano-driven ballad called "You and I," plus two more from "The Fame Monster," "Alejandro" and "Teeth." The pop star has been in New York all week to play a three-night stand at Madison Square Garden as part of her Monster Ball tour.

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Video: Lady Gaga performs "Alejandro" on "Today

On Thursday, Gaga also announced an Aug. 3 release date for "Lady Gaga -- The Remix." The set features ten remixes of songs from "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" -- including "Just Dance," "Poker Face," "Love Game," "Paparazzi," and "Telephone" -- by artists like Pet Shop Boys, Passion Pit, Marilyn Manson, and her frequent collaborator, RedOne.

"Lady Gaga -- The Remix" has already seen a release in the U.K., Japan and Canada, but the U.S. version will feature two new exclusive remixes, of "Bad Romance" and "Alejandro." According to Gaga's label, "The Remix" has already sold over 500,000 copies internationally.

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