M.I.A. Clones Herself, Channels Eminem on 'Letterman'

M.I.A. Clones Herself, Channels Eminem on 'Letterman'

Never one to play it safe, M.I.A. made the most of her performance on Tuesday's "Late Night with David Letterman," where she sang "Born Free" to promote her just-released new album, "/\/\ /\ Y /\."

Video: M.I.A. performs "Born Free" on "Letterman

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As if the single's violent music video didn't prompt enough chatter, M.I.A. brought along a team of look-a-likes, all coiffed, styled and accessorized identical to the controversial singer. Perhaps M.I.A. had in mind Eminem's performance at the 2000 MTV VMAs, when the rapper performed "The Real Slim Shady" with a hundred imitators who followed him from the streets of New York to Radio City Music Hall's stage.

Video: Eminem at the 2000 VMAs

Before the show, M.I.A. tweeted, "gold slippers check! white sockx check! camo jeans check! tie die tee check! shades check! red lips check! middle finger check!" Letterman's response to the onstage antics? "Happy Halloween!"

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