Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj 'Let Go' In New Video

Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj 'Let Go' In New Video

"'Ey yo Sean, you Mr. Kingston," Nicki Minaj calls out in the intro of Sean Kingston's dancehall jam "Letting Go (Dutty Love)", before the 20-year-old Kingston begins flirtatiously professing his love for his rap companion.

Video: Sean Kingston's "Letting Go (Dutty Love)," featuring Nicki Minaj

"Baby girl, will you be mine... I'm not gonna lie, girl I must be in love," he spits in his Caribbean drawl atop Jamaican steel drums and a heavy bassline while barely-dressed women and men gyrate about to the beat down a party line.

"I ain't like them other bitches that be acting loosely, now you getting hyped, I know you wanna get up in it / but I just want to think about it for another minute," Nicki the Harajuku Barbie raps on the Stargate production while sporting a Bee-inspired, yellow and black polka dot unitard with a leather tutu and leather booties.

Still, Kingston isn't giving up, kicking his game up a notch. "What if you would just come right out those clothes, you can finally feel the way it goes / Don't be scared to be free, to let go, show it off," he tries to convince.

In the end, it's unclear if Kingston gets Nicki Minaj's goodies, but he definitely get's an "A" for effort.

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