Sugarland Kidnaps Love Interest In 'Stuck Like Glue' Video

Sugarland Kidnaps Love Interest In 'Stuck Like Glue' Video

Country favorite Sugarland show they've got a sense of humor in the new video for "Stuck Like Glue."

Video: Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue"

In the clip, a determined Jennifer Nettles resorts to stalking and kidnapping in order to gain the attention and affection of her love interest, played by Ryan McPartlin from the TV show "Chuck." Guitarist and back-up vocalist Kristian Bush acts as her accomplice as they tag-team for the abduction of McPartlin's character.

After torturing the victim by tying him to a chair and making him drink an unidentified liquid substance, the song takes a reggae twist as lead singer Nettles and back-up dancers perform a "Singles Ladies"-like dance. The hostage is then given a tour of the photo wall Nettles has created of him and force-fed cake decorated with his face as she twangy-croons to him, "And I know I'm never letting this go / I'm stuck on you / Woah, stuck like glue."

"Stuck Like Glue" debuted at No. 20 on this week's on Billboard's Hot 100. Sugarland is currently headlining "The Incredible Machine Tour" with Danny Gokey and Julianna Hough.

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