Chromeo Plays In Dark In 'Don't Turn The Lights On'

Chromeo Plays In Dark In 'Don't Turn The Lights On'

Chromeo shows why it's fun to play in the dark with the new video for "Don't Turn The Lights On."

Suave singer Dave 1 croons seductive lyrics as the lights fade from light to pitch black and back again. The catch is whenever the lights go down, the eyeballs and mouth of whoever is in the shot stay illuminated like demented mannequins that never blink and stare at you in the dark.

It gets more disturbing as eyeballs get redistributed to people's hands and at one point two girls each have one in their mouths. Finally, Dave 1 loses his eyeballs completely, giving the lyrics "Don't turn the lights on/I want to see you in the dark" an ironic twist.

The video ends when Dave 1's peepers decide to wander the streets of New York like an even creepier version of the eyes from the Geico commercials, splitting at lamp posts, peeping in showers, and having very unsanitary encounters with small dogs.

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