M.I.A. Goes Bollywood in 'XXXO' Video

M.I.A. Goes Bollywood in 'XXXO' Video

M.I.A. set tongues wagging -- pun intended -- when she released the preview to her second single, "XXXO" off album "/\/\/\Y/\" a few weeks back; the clip showed a film within a film of her lips mouthing lyrics. But it turns out the footage was just a small taste of what the full-length had to offer.

Video: M.I.A. "XXXO"

In actuality, the video looks like it's part of a Bollywood set with traditional iconography paying homage to her Sri Lankan heritage. However, never one to shy away from controversy, the singer has her name attached to swords and morphs into a tiger at one point. At other times, an unusually demure M.I.A gives the illusion of sitting on water with swans, roses and unicorns framing the screen.

Here's hoping the Jay-Z remix results in a video - who doesn't want to see Hova in Bollywood garb?

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