Wyclef Jean Films Presidential Pitch for Haiti

Wyclef Jean Films Presidential Pitch for Haiti

Candidate for President of Haiti, Wyclef Jean, gave an exclusive ride-a-long to CNN this week as he toured the still earthquake-torn Port-au Prince.

Video: Wyclef's Presidential Pitch

CNN cameras followed Jean as he filed the papers to officially put him in the running for President and to a festive campaign rally held in his honor. Supporters danced and paraded around with posters of the rapper-turned-politician as they chanted "Wyclef president."

"The thought of over 9 million people putting their life in their hands - it makes it a very serious issue," said Jean as his SUV traveled through crowds that had gathered and between buildings waiting to be rebuilt after the devastating earthquake that hit this past January.

Jean spent the car ride explaining how his campaign is more than about aid - he wants to show the artistic and spiritual side of Haiti. He also commented that this election is about more than Port-au-Prince and he wants to break the stereotypes that have been formed of his country.

"The eyes of the people look like they are looking for some form of survival, but they're defiant. Meaning they will not fall - they are just looking for the opportunity to rise," Jean explained.

The former Fugees member was born in Haiti but grew up in New York. Election of the new President of Haiti will take place on Nov. 28.

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