Ke$ha 'Takes It Off' During Today Show Performance

Ke$ha 'Takes It Off' During Today Show Performance

Ke$ha woke up feeling "like P. Diddy" in Rockefeller Center this morning (Aug. 13) when she performed her new single, "Take It Off," among other tracks, on "The Today Show."

Video: Ke$ha performs on "Today" show

Decked in combat boots, fishnets, glitter shorts and a loose tank top, Ke$ha gave a brief interview with Matt Lauer where she explained the dollar sign in her name. "I was really broke while I wrote this record, and instead of turning it into a pity party I thought I'd turn it into an ironic statement," she explained. The "Tik Tok" singer apparently also attempted to break onto Prince's property to deliver her demo before she hit it singing on Flo Rida's "Right Round," she revealed.

Ke$ha delivered her new single with robotic dance moves for the crowd, convincing a few of the younger concert-goers to join in with their own choreography.

Smoke machines were an essential part of the performance as Ke$ha grinded on the floor, singing about a place she knows that's so hardcore "and there's glitter on the floor." By the second verse, her dancers -- dressed head to toe in black -- started to appropriately undress to the music.

The then gold shirt and tank-top baring dancers were left to their own devices as Ke$ha got closer to her fans. She crawled over the stage before hitting a few notes on the keyboard.

The singer, who is currently opening for Rihanna on the "Last Girl on Earth" tour, also performed "Your Love is My Drug" and "Tik Tok."

Video: Ke$ha performs "Your Love"

Video: Ke$ha performs "Tik Tok"

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