Thirty Seconds To Mars Travel For 'Closer To The Edge' Clip

Thirty Seconds To Mars Travel For 'Closer To The Edge' Clip

Recently, four-time VMA-nominated Thirty Seconds to Mars and longtime collaborator Bartholomew Cubbins traveled to 89 cities for their new video "Closer to the Edge."

Video: Thirty Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge

The clip begins with teenage fans talking about their dreams and philosophies and footage of the band performing during the first leg of their "Into the Wild" tour. In a few seconds the shot flashes through each of the 27 stops the multi-platinum rock group played at, displaying their over 1.3 million screaming fans.

Then a pink mohawked Jared Leto steps up to the mic and more images begin flashing. At almost six and a half minutes long, the video appears to be a collage of tour footage and pictures of the band from their youth, while simultaneously functioning as a love letter to their fans.

"Yes this is a cult," the captions on the screen read as the video shows thousands of kids screaming "no, no," in unison for the chorus.

The video ends with more confessionals from selected fans. "Some people believe in God. I believe in music," one girl declares, "Some people pray. I turn up the radio."

The last confessional is from a shirtless, inked man who leaves with the poignant statement, "Music. Is. Everything. To me. That's all I can say." Then a picturesque sequence of Leto walking away from the microphone appears before the credits roll.

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