Ted Leo And The Pharmacists Hit The Theater For New Clip

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists Hit The Theater For New Clip

The new video for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' song "Bottled In Cork," released today (Aug. 23) on Will Ferrell's Funnyordie.com site, starts off with a band meeting about what color their T-shirts should be... until a sharply-dressed man barges in with another idea in mind.

Video: Ted Leo and The Pharmacists' "Bottled In Cork"

"Do you wish your music be immortal?" the man, named Reginald Van Vorce and played by comedian Paul F. Tompkins, asks in attempt to get the band to make their latest album "The Brutalist Bricks" into a Broadway play.

After being convinced the play -- although cheapening and embarrassing -- will make them rich, Ted Leo and crew hit practice and then the small stage, as fans and a "prominent theater critic" come check out their production. In the end, they receive a standing ovation, a few tears and a sing-a-long from the full-house as the play becomes an instant success.

The next day, the front page of the theatrical times reads "Pharmacist Phlop!" with the tag line: "Ted Leo Musical Worse Thing Ever Staged In History!" as Leo grins on in accomplishment.

Ted Leo hinted about the subject for the new video with a sarcastic post on his website recently, stating, "Why not, right? It's like Albini again - not turning down work when you have a skill set that you can put to use - it doesn't have to be your soul wrenching personal statement every time you put pen to paper or pick the guitar string, right?"

The satire on the exploitation of punk culture is funny in its honesty. Green Day -- take note.

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