Diddy Has A Play Date With Daughter Chance

Diddy Has A Play Date With Daughter Chance

Diddy may rule Bad Boy Entertainment with an iron fist but at home he's a regular Mr. Softy.

Video: Diddy and daughter Chance have daddy-daughter time

It's another edition of "Daddy Day Care" at the Combs house when Diddy has to take charge of his 4-year-old daughter, Chance. For this babysitting excursion, the rap mogul shows off his puppeteer skills with "Pookie" - the bird, not the crackhead - as he tries to entertain a camera shy Chance.

Mini-Combs doesn't remain bashful for long when she performs her own rendition of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Diddy can't help but add a little swagger with a few "Yeah"s and "Uh-huhs" adlibs between lines, bobbing his head to a non-existent beat.

Check out that sassy look Chance shoots him during the sign off. We know who is running this show, and it's not daddy.

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