Soulja Boy Denies Kat Stacks' Drug Allegations

Soulja Boy Says He 'Loves' Hip-Hop Groupie Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks is at it again and this time she has a new victim: Soulja Boy Tell Em.

ADULT CONTENT: Kat Stacks exposes Soulja Boy?

The self-proclaimed hip-hop groupie, who's allegedly had sexual relationships with a number of rap artists, released a video yesterday (Aug. 24) in which she accuses the "Pretty Boy Swag" rapper of having a coke habit and states the two have a "secret" relationship.

"This (bleep) is a (bleep) coke head. This n***a's been (bleep) doing dope all (bleep) day," a barely-robed Kat Stacks says while filming herself through a bathroom mirror, before walking over to the dining room and exposing what looks like a couple of lines of coke. You never actually see Soulja Boy in the same room as the alleged drugs, although someone she claims to be Soulja Boy is in another bathroom showering.

The clip then cuts into what appears to be a phone conversation between Kat Stacks and Soulja Boy, which finds the latter expressing his desire to see Stacks.

Afterwards, Stacks is briefly seen in a car she alleges belongs to Soulja Boy, and then laying on a bed looking down at someone who looks like Soulja Boy. "Nobody know you with crazy *ss Kat Stacks," she giggles, while the man in the room seems unaware he's being taped. "One person know -- she probably thought it was a joke," he replies. "F***ing with you, I gotta be crazy."

Shortly after the video hit the net, the rapper took to Twitter to claim his innocence. "God knows I didn't do that. that's all the matters, you are nothing but humans. Pow," he said.

Soulja Boy's fans, some of which have expressed their full support for the rapper, have also taken to the social networking site to trash Kat Stacks. "Everybody knows what hip hop sounds like...but Kat Stacks is the one of the few people to know what hip hop taste like," posted WatchJ, while KingLionHeart wrote, "Fantasia has evrything goin 4 her & she tried killin herself. Kat Stacks has evrything goin against her & she's lovin life. Sumthing wrong."

Meanwhile, rapper Fabolous, who Kat Stacks once accused of being involved in an assault against her, also tweeted, "Stacks on deck, Kat Stacks on bed, Camera on record, Coke on dresser... #StupidBoySwag."

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