Linkin Park Plays With Gas In 'The Catalyst' Video

Linkin Park Plays With Gas In 'The Catalyst' Video

Linkin Park is playing with gas in the new video for "The Catalyst."

Video: Linkin Park's "The Catalyst"

The clip opens with lead singer Chester Bennington's screaming face appearing out of a cloud of smoke in a way eerily reminiscent of Voldemort's face shaping the clouds in the last Harry Potter movie.

The mysterious gas and slow motion are the main ingredients of the video. Co-front man Mike Shinoda drops his verses from behind a shrouded hood, while - thanks to special effects - Bennington pelts the hook and chorus full force underwater without drowning.

As the drum beat hits, teams of young people start running amidst the smoke from gas-masked assailants apparently rounding them up. Things get a little more colorful when the youths get a hold of different colored powders to fire back with, changing the previous pale yellow cloud into a mix of blues, oranges and reds.

After the smoke has settled, literally, Bennington's voice rings out "We can't be outrun" as his gasping form finally disappears beneath the murky water.

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