'Bed Intruder Song's' Antoine Dodson Gets 'Today Show' Love

'Bed Intruder Song's' Antoine Dodson Gets 'Today Show' Love

Antoine Dodson is going to use his viral popularity to get his family out of Lincoln Park.

Video: Antoine Dodson hits the "Today Show"

The newest Youtube sensation landed a segment on the "Today Show" (today Aug. 27). Last month, Dodson's sister woke up to find a strange man in her bed attempting to rape her. The subsequent newscast about the attack ended up making Dodson a viral superstar when auto-tune remixers the Gregory Brothers turned his rant into the "Bed Intruder Song." So far the video has received over 16 million views.

The song has also landed at number 35 on the iTunes charts and has sold approximately 30,000 copies. Dodson receives half of all profits - which he plans to use to move his family to a safer neighborhood.

Antoine Dodson Hits the Billboard Hot 100

"We didn't want to be famous or some celebrity for something [so serious]," explained Dodson. However, Dodson is learning to capitalize off of the overnight success, launching his own website and line of t-shirts with his catch phrases.

"It was a sad beginning," says Dodson's sister Kelly, "but it's a good ending."

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