Taylor Swift Grows Up Before Fans' Eyes In 'Mine' Video

Taylor Swift Grows Up Before Fans' Eyes In 'Mine' Video

Taylor Swift Grows Up Before Fans' Eyes In 'Mine' Video

Taylor Swift overcomes childhood trauma in her latest 'Mine' video.

The clip, which aired on CMT.com today (Aug. 27), starts with Swift watching a couple argue at a restaurant, reminding her of seeing her parents argue as a child in the kitchen, unaware of her being there before she runs away.

It then pans back to Swift at the restaurant, as her waiter (British actor Toby Hemingway) stands over her waiting to take her order. When she finally looks up at him, the two are immediately attracted to each other.

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They begin dating, shown walking hand-in-hand at the beach, laying on the couch together, and then -- taking their relationship a step further -- getting engaged and moving in together.

That's when things begin to go sour. Much like her parents, Swift and her fiance are seen having a heated argument in their very own kitchen, just shortly after Swift runs away once again. But reassuring her of his commitment, he catches up to her, gently cuffs her face in his hands and reminds her, "I will never leave you alone."

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And, of course, the couple lives happily ever after -- getting married, having a son, then getting pregnant again with their second baby boy. It ends with the two boys enjoying themselves as they jump on their parents' bed while Swift and her husband blissfully look on.

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