Cee-Lo Gets Sweet Revenge In 'F**k You' Video

Cee-Lo Gets Sweet Revenge In 'F**k You' Video

Cee-Lo is giving heartbreakers of every age a piece of his mind in the new official video for the expletive ridden "F**k You."

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Even primary schoolers are prone to getting stiffed for a richer alternative in the opening scenes of Cee-Lo Green's "F**k you" video, including a young Lo. The Cee-Lo incarnate gets dumped when his toy truck doesn't measure up to another boy's Ferrari. Mouths fall agape in the diner where it all occurs when the little man drops the f-bomb repeatedly on his heartbreaking sweetheart.

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Things don't get easier for teenage Cee-Lo, now playing waiter at the same diner. On the way to deliver flowers to a more mature heartbreaker, teenage Lo ends up falling on his back and the flowers land in the completely wrong hands. The backup singers -- decked in Diana-Ross-and-the-Supremes-like outfits -- are less than comforting when they croon, "Oh sh*t, she's a gold digga/Just thought you should know n*gga."

The singer, who has been narrating the song via night scenes in the same 60s-era diner where he's gotten his heart ripped out a number of times, finds his first acting role in the video during "The College Years" when he orders the object of his affection a hot dog with a ketchup heart. She's less than grateful and dumps a plate of french fries all over Cee-Lo's red plaid threads - how rude.

Karma eventually catches up to the money-grubbing honey when grown-up Cee-Lo hits it big. After studying music theory and transforming into "The Lady Killer," which is conveniently the title of the singer's upcoming album, Lo arrives in a pimped-out convertible surrounded by beautiful girls. Turns out the object of his desire never made it out of the diner and is now working the clean-up shift as Cee-Lo heads out to party.

He doesn't leave without a proper farewell though, "And although there's a pain in my chest/I still wish you the best/with a f**k you."

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