Taylor Momsen Gets Pretty Reckless On 'Die' Clip

Taylor Momsen Gets Pretty Reckless On 'Die' Clip

In this new Pretty Reckless video for the single "Makes Me Wanna Die," a tortured and tormented looking Taylor Momsen (ala "Gossip Girl" fame and the face of Madonna's new "Material Girl" clothing line) strips down to sexy, lace lingerie as she struts about a burning town.

Video: Pretty Reckless, "Makes Me Wanna Die"

The heavily-eyelinered 17-year old channels Courtney Love in her early 90's grunge heyday of flannels, bustiers and bleached blonde hair as embers from the enflamed town light up the night sky.

The eerie images, which include an unexplained young girl in a red cape who Momsen hands a cross necklace in an alley, perhaps become even eerier as the teen sings "Taste me, drink my soul, show me all the things I didn't know," and begins unzipping her dress.

In the end, Momsen, clad only in fishnets, panties and a bra, struggles to walk through the grass as the buildings behind her burn to the ground and the full moon glows up above.