Justin Bieber Turns Troubled Teen On 'CSI'

Watch Justin Bieber's Scenes on 'CSI'

Bieber fever will hit "CSI" when the teen sensation shows up as Jason, a troubled teen with an allegedly "explosive" brother.

Video: Justin Bieber on "CSI."

In the season premiere of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," which airs at 9PM on CBS this Thursday (Sept 23), Justin Bieber will join the likes of Taylor Swift, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz on the list of musicians that have guest starred on an incarnation of the series.

In this clip, Bieber is brought in for questioning after a model airplane bombing attack and has to struggle with whether to turn in his brother Alex who is set up to be responsible for the attacks.

The 16-year old explains that he had nothing to do with the actual bombing and that his brother is just overreacting to their father-figure Ralph being taken into custody by Las Vegas police.

The best news for all Beliebers out there? The premiere is just part one of what producers say is an "emotional story" that will conclude later this season.