Miley Cyrus Addresses Rumors in YouTube Post

Brian Bowen Smith
Brian Bowen Smith Miley Cyrus

Tabloid rumors can be so troublesome, but Miley Cyrus circumvents the gossip by spilling the truth via her YouTube video-blog. The teen queen took a break from a math quiz to clear up speculation about her personal life in this clip she posted late yesterday.

Video: Miley Cyrus clears the air in her latest YouTube video

Cyrus informs her fans that she is not engaged (and doesn't plan to be any time soon), and that still lives with her family, not her boyfriend. The "Can't Be Tamed" singer insists that she's way too young for that kind of commitment and that she's too focused on her career to seriously settle down.

The biggest rumor Cyrus put to bed was her alleged cell phone usage while driving. She explains that she actually was using her phone to call police to assist her with paparazzi that were blocking her car. "Apparently I got escorted home because I got in trouble by the cops when really I called the cops to deal with the paparazzi and they paparazzi-ed that. So really I can't win," says Cyrus.

Photographers have apparently caused the Disney star a lot of stress and are the reason she looks so miserable in pictures, she says. Cyrus admits that her "city" of California [the singer, hopefully, intended to say Los Angeles] isn't the most attractive place in the world, but she hasn't been able to properly explore since there are always cameras following.

Most of all, Cyrus wants to make sure fans know that she does appreciate their support. Even with her busy schedule, the pop princess assures her YouTube audience that she stops for as many pictures as she can and she absolutely loves when fans tell her how her songs have gotten them through a tough time.

Cyrus signs off with and an air kiss peace sign, and in her extra potent Southern twang, she says, "I'm just like y'all!"