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Watch Justin Bieber's Scenes on 'CSI'

Watch Justin Bieber's Scenes on 'CSI'

Justin Bieber made his acting debut on the season premiere of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" last night (Sept. 23) as a troubled teen with an "explosive" edge.

Bieber shows that he's got a dark side in this two minute mash-up of his "CSI" appearance. The 16-year old plays Jason, an angsty teen that joins a radical political party when his parental guardian Ralph gets taken in by authorities.

The "CSI" investigators suspect Bieber's brother Alex of being a terrorist bomber and bring the pop star in for questioning. However, in Bieber's final moments on screen it appears the teen singer was far more dastardly than anyone suspected as he shoots a daring glare into the camera while wearing an orange jumpsuit behind bars.

Bieber fans can look forward to more of the pop star on the show when he returns later this season to conclude the bombing story.