Katy Perry References 'Sesame Street' Controversy on 'SNL'

Katy Perry References 'Sesame Street' Controversy on 'SNL'

Katy Perry may be too risqué for "Sesame Street," but she found a place to "fit in" at "Saturday Night Live" this week.

Katy Perry Video Pulled from 'Sesame Street'

The singer joined the "SNL" cast to perform her hits off "Teenage Dream" on Saturday (Sept. 25), but Perry also used the appearance to poke fun at her recent wardrobe-related "Sesame Street" controversy. She appeared in the recurrent skit "Bronx Beat with Betty and Jodi," playing the role of Maureen, a volunteer librarian who "developed" over the summer so her new chest size didn't quite fit into her old Elmo t-shirt.

Video: Katy Perry's Elmo Skit on 'SNL'

Betty and Jodi tell Perry's Maureen that she doesn't need to be ashamed of her body -- it's beautiful. The pair also point out that babies are fed by breasts and question why America is so prudish about showing cleavage but not about violent images, all the while making innuendos about Perry's DD ("Double D? Try 3-D") chest.

Perry ended the "SNL" season premiere with a sensual rendition of her hit "Teenage Dream." Clad in a red glitter school girls uniform, the singer pranced around stage accompanied by her band and back-up singers, who were dressed in cheerleading and football uniforms.

Video: Katy Perry performs "Teenage Dream"