Kanye West Debuts New Song on 'Cleveland Show'

Kanye West Debuts New Song on 'Cleveland Show'

Not only did Kanye West debut a new song for his weekly G.O.O.D. Friday series, but the rapper also performed a new song as character "Kenny West" on the season premiere of "The Cleveland Show" last night (Sept. 27) on Fox.

The song, titled "Be-Cleve in Yourself," was a personal ode to Cleveland. It seems Cleveland helped "Kenny West" after his rapping career failed. Poor Kenny was living on the streets until Cleveland offered up his garage as a bedroom.

After a neighborhood girl falls down a well, it's the perfect excuse to throw a benefit concert and resurrect Kenny's career.

Video: Kanye West On 'The Cleveland Show'

The song is signature Kanye, with rhymes like, "Not dressed to impress / Matter fact more stressed than John Mayer waiting on his H Test" and "My game was timid / Now my flow's much bolder / Got a chubby brown angel on my shoulder" (referencing Cleveland).

More Kanye skits to come this time next week, as West is set to perform on "SNL" on Saturday (Oct. 2).