Justin Timberlake Gets Hassled on 'SNL'

Justin Timberlake Gets Hassled on 'SNL'

Justin Timberlake joined Andy Samberg on Saturday's premiere of "SNL" for a sketch that asked the inevitable question regarding Timberlake's three-year hiatus from the music biz.

The awkward silence during the sketch, titled "Actor II Actor," elevates the punchline by the time Samberg eventually asks, "When are you going to make some more music?" Touche. We're wondering the same thing.

Video: Justin Timberlake on 'SNL'

Timberlake storms off stage as Samberg tells the pop star that "everyone wants to know" and that "we just wants to dance again." So true.

Although Samberg didn't take JT's acting career seriously, Samberg and fans alike may be eating their words on Friday (Oct. 1), when "The Social Network" hits theaters. Timberlake plays Sean Parker, the co-founder of music sharing site Napster.