Shakira Goes 'Loca' in New Video

Shakira Goes 'Loca' in New Video

Shakira released her fun new video for "Loca" today (Sept. 29), suggesting with it that she enjoys roller skating and having fun with her fans on the beach. Sounds like a summer fantasy, but, you know, in late September.

Video: Shakira, "Loca"

In the sunny video for "Loca," which was shot in Barcelona, Shakira eventually trades her roller blades in for a much faster ride on the back of a motorcycle. Wild, right? Wait, it gets crazier.

Fitting to the theme of the song, Shakira dances in a water fountain, attracting passersby (she's Shakira, after all). Not surprisingly, some join her in the craziness and jump in the fountain. The song ends with Shakira, surrounded by her fans, dancing in open water. Shakira's right -- she's crazy but we like it.

Shakira's new album "Sale el Sol," which translates in English to "The Sun Comes Out," comes out Oct. 19. The LP features Pitbull, as well as Dizzee Rascal (featured on "Loca"), who spoke to Billboard earlier this month and said that he was "honored" to work with the Grammy-winning singer.