Jack Johnson Fights Andy Samberg in 'At Or With Me'

Jack Johnson Fights Andy Samberg in 'At Or With Me'

In Jack Johnson's recent video for "At Or With Me," a fight erupts with "SNL" hot-shot Andy Samberg, who shows up at a Jack Johnson show and berates him. Oh, and let's not forget Samberg's "SNL" parodies of the singer-songwriter.

In the video, the audience stands in unison, except for Samberg's crew, who remain seated, text on their phones, and mercilessly mock Johnson during his performance. Johnson notices the gang out of the corner of his eye and decides to take matters into his own hands. The typically easy-going Johnson jumps off the stage and tackles Samberg, and honestly, you can't blame the guy. Samberg's just a jerk, but a funny one at least.

Video: Jack Johnson "At Or With Me"

Bottles are broken, tables are smashed and punches are thrown as the drunken brawl gets out of hand. The brawl moves outside, where Samberg thinks he won the fight until an unexpected accident happens.

In the end, the problems between Johnson and Samberg are put behind them, and they enjoy the rest of the show together. Or so it seems. No happy endings this time, but it's nice to see Jack Johnson doesn't take himself too seriously.