Eminem, Lil Wayne Have 'No Love' For Bullies

1. EMINEM Recovery 2010 Sales: 3,415,000according to Nielsen SoundScan.

In his new "No Love" video, which premiered yesterday (Sept. 30) on MTV and Vevo, Eminem, alongside Lil Wayne, tackles bullying as the clip follows a school-aged kid who is singled-out by a group of older boys.

Video: Eminem feat. Lil Wayne, "No Love"

In the just over five-minute-long clip, the small boy is seen having balls thrown at him in the gym, purposely bumped into in the hallways, confronted in the locker room and beat up in the boys' bathroom. After the latter, he comes home with a black eye, as his uncaring father promotes him fight back and his inattentive mother seems unmoved by the incident.

But after sitting in his room and listening to the lyrics to Eminem's "No Love" through his headphones, the kid -- tired of being maltreated -- builds up the courage to stand up for himself. When he's confronted in a bare outdoor cafeteria by the same bullies, he punches one of the boys right in the face to the surprise of the rest.

Outnumbered, he begins to run but the boys catch up to him, and as the memories of him being beat up through out the year flash back, he continues to put up a fight, punching and knocking down the rest of the boys. "It's a little too late, to say that you're sorry now/You kick me when I was down…Don't hurt me no more/You show me nothing but hate, you wear me into the ground/but what goes around comes around, I don't need you/You get no love," the chorus resounds as he continues to defend himself.

In the end, he walks away with his head high.

"No Love," which will hit radio next week, is the third single off Eminem's album "Recovery," as well as the third time the rapper and Lil Wayne have appeared together in a video.