Neil Young Releases 39-Minute 'Le Noise' Film

Neil Young Releases 39-Minute 'Le Noise' Film

Neil Young has documented almost every step in the making of his new album "Le Noise" (released Sept. 28), including a recent 39-minute film to settle you in with the heavier sound he's adopted for the record.

Video: Neil Young's "Le Noise"

The film, which portrays Young playing eight tracks off "Le Noise" in the the studio, is quite similar to the other videos he released recently, for "Hitchhiker" and "Walk With Me." Although Young put an electric guitar stomp on most of the songs, he plays two of the songs acoustically -- invoking his earlier work in the process.

In between songs there's a bit of an experimental film aspect to the footage, including time lapses and drony loops. The aesthetic of video would fit perfectly in an art gallery, in fact. During this rainy season, it's worth a watch indoors with friends.

The producer-extraordinaire behind "Le Noise," Daniel Lanois (the album title is a play on his name), described the video as "a man on a stool." How... accurate of him to say.