Bruce Willis Wears Meat Hairpiece, Mocks Gaga

Bruce Willis Wears Meat Hairpiece, Mocks Gaga

Lady Gaga donned her now infamous "meat dress" at the 2010 VMAs as a political statement, but Bruce Willis sported a Gaga-inspired meat hairpiece on the "Late Show With David Letterman" Monday night (Oct. 4) for purely comedic reasons.

"It's a meat hairpiece inspired by... uh..." Willis claims, appearing to forget Gaga's name before Letterman finishes his sentence. It's a little hard to believe that Bruce is sincere when he tells Letterman and the crowd that he's a "huge fan of Gaga." "Die Hard" and "Poker Face"? I don't think so.

Video: Bruce Willis Wears Gaga-esque Meat Hairpiece on Letterman

Willis jokes with Letterman that the hairpiece, which is made of organic ground beef sirloin, handles well in the shower -- just lather, rinse, repeat, tenderize. "There's nothing worse than a tainted meat hairpiece."

The actor really digs in the comedic knife when he seasons the hairpiece with salt and pepper, then offers Dave a bite right off the top. Dave, always a good sport, digs in -- only to throw up the bite backstage soon after. Yum!