Rihanna Frolics Alone In 'Only Girl (In The World)' Video

Rihanna Frolics Alone In 'Only Girl (In The World)' Video

Rihanna sports red curly locks and navigates through a far-out landscape in the official video for "Only Girl (In The World)." The clip for the first single from the singer's forthcoming album "Loud" was set to premiere at 7:56pm tonight on MTV but leaked online earlier today.

Video: Rihanna, "Only Girl (In The World)"

The video features the singer frolicking in a red field and lying in a bed of flowers, which later turn into one giant flower that she poses next to provocatively. Multi-colored balloons, a swing that hangs from the sky and a tree full of blinking lights later add to the surreal imagery.

"Only Girl (In The World)" which stood at No. 8 on the Hot 100 last week, precedes the Nov. 22 release of "Loud." In last week's Billboard cover story, Rihanna says that she "wanted songs that only I can do, not generic songs that everyone else could sing" for the album.

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