Lifelike Japanese Robot Holds Concert

Lifelike Japanese Robot Holds Concert

Throughout the past several decades, the world has seen a marvel of technological advancements: the Internet, the cell phone, the mp3 player, the robot singer. Yes, that was correct - the robot singer.

The HRP-4C is a singing and dancing robot created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, initially unveiled in the spring of 2009. The 5' 2", 95-pound Japanese girl-bot performed her own song and dance number at the Digital Content Expo 2010 held in Tokyo this past weekend (Oct. 16 and 17).

Video: HPR-4C Performs at Digital Content Expo 2010

While it's impressive that a robot has been created to look so real (and let's be honest - she has some moves), her extra large hands, vacant face and childlike soprano voice may make HRP-4C one of the creepiest things to ever make it on

Don't be surprised if you hear about an HRP-4C hitting the road for her own musical tour. She already has back-up dancers. Is this the future of music performances? As soon as they make a robot Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber, I'm heading to Mars.