David Crowder*Band 'Shine' with Lite-Brite Video

David Crowder*Band 'Shine' with Lite-Brite Video

Remember when Lite-Brites were the coolest toy around and you felt so accomplished when you made a decorative display of your initials out of those little light-up pegs? Well, the David Crowder*Band remind us why Lite-Brites are still awesome by completely redefining what we thought was possible with a few light-up plastic pieces in their new video, "SMS (Shine)."

Video: David Crowder*Band, "SMS (Shine)"

With 2,150 man hours, 700,000 pegs, 1,200 Lite Brite images, 83 friends and 148 pizzas, the Christian pop-rock act created a heartwarming love story and one incredibly creative video.

If the images weren't stellar enough, they pulled this off with no computer animation or digital effects. All Lite-Brite images were done by hand. Even the monkey playing drums in the background (amazingly on beat) was set up manually -- talk about commitment to art.

After watching this video a few dozen times, I now have to call my mother to see if my old Lite-Brite is still in the attic. Clearly I have some catching up to do with my peg-plugging skills.